Sharing the Gospel with Your Child


Sharing the Gospel with Your Child


Occasionally, your child will observe friends who have made decisions to accept God’s gift of salvation and have chosen to follow in believer’s baptism.

Every time there is a baptism, you have a great opportunity to share the gospel with your child.

While we never want your child to be forced into a decision to follow Christ, we do want you as the parent to have spiritual conversations with your child at those unique moments of worship.

Spiritual conversations are like any other conversation with your child even though some parents get a little nervous or feel as if they don’t know what to say. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  1. Start by telling your own story. Every child needs to know his/her parents’ stories of salvation.
  2. Ask open ended questions.  Ask your child what he/she believes about God, Jesus, sin, how one becomes a Christian.
  3. Relax. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your conversation.

Your church staff is available to assist you as you guide your child through his/her faith development, but you, as the parent, have the responsibility to be the key influencer of faith development in your child’s life.

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