Three Things Parents Should Never Compromise


Three Things Parents Should Never Compromise


In your marriage, there may be great reasons to compromise. You may need to compromise and not go to a third store at the mall (even though you really need to check out a huge sale) because your husband really wants to be on time for the movie. Instead, your husband offers to stop back by the mall after the movie so you can check out the sale. This compromise becomes a win-win for both of you.

On the other hand, the word “compromise” can also be dangerous. Sometimes a compromise leads to a downhill spiral that ends up with a less-than desirable result. Author and speaker John Croyle sheds some light on the tough aspects of parenting and suggests three things parents should NEVER negotiate.

“There is a boundary of respect that does not need to be waivered or breached.” John Croyle

You can discover those three non-negotiables here: