Something New in Kids’ Worship

    On Sunday, August 20, your children’s church team will begin a new year of Kids’...
    August 10, 2017

    On Sunday, August 20, your children’s church team will begin a new year of Kids’ Worship.

    The preschoolers and the children will meet together following the music portion of our worship service in the multi-purpose room.

    Children and guests must have checked in with an identification sticker prior to being released to participate.

    Kids’ Worship is provided as a bridge for children who need a little more time before joining their families in worship. The curriculum used for Kids’ Worship will be a supplement to the Preschool Gospel Project Bible study. If you choose for your child to attend Kids’ Worship, we need your help in staffing this ministry. Please contact me to let me know of your willingness to assist our leaders.

    To assist all of our children in making worship a priority and in growing in their faith, the children in first through fifth grades will be receiving a Growing in the Gospel notebook this church year. Each Sunday, the children will receive a set of sermon notes from Pastor Travis which can be added each week to the sermon section of their notebooks. These notebooks will be a tool for parents to use in follow up conversations about the sermon each week. Families are encouraged to worship together, but each family will be able to choose if their child is ready to sit through worship or if the child needs more time for development.

    Pray for your Kids’ Worship team as they prepare to lead your children:

    ·         Brian and Cassie McKay

    ·         Brett and Ginger Cash

    ·         Brett and Melanie Brocato

    ·         Chad and Kristen King

    ·         Mark and Lisa Dubose