6 Game-Changers for Small Group Leaders

    Taking Small Groups To another level Small Groups are essential to building the body of...
    May 15, 2018

    Taking Small Groups To another level

    Small Groups are essential to building the body of Christ up. Any church that runs small groups uses them as a way to connect people, build people up, or both. With the way churches use small groups in mind, there are some essential components to ensure your small group operates effectively and to ensure that you reach the potential that you would like for your specific group to reach. They are making building a relationship, modeling, staying in constant communication with people within the group, and spending time together outside the church. With just these few components, you are on your way to a healthy small group.

    Building A Relationship

    When building a relationship with someone in your small group it is very crucial to make an initial connection. This may mean finding out what he or she likes to do and see if you have a similar interest in anything. If you do not think you have similar interest, you do. You are both followers of Christ and you could have a conversation about what God did to bring you to Himself. This relationship will give you the key to speak into this person’s life. However, being intentional in this relationship will help you accomplish a lot. Thus, helping you to build a group that goes deeper.


    When it comes to leading a small group, it is crucial that you model what you would like the group to look like. If it is to go deeper, then ask deeper questions. If it is to build a community of believers who confess, then confess. If you desire to disciple, then spend time outside of church in the word together with that person (not of the opposite sex, unless it is your spouse.) Modeling will give those who need an example something tangible to see. Therefore, model whatever you would like your small group to look like.

    Staying in Constant Communication

    When it comes to staying in constant communication, it is important that the leader models and checks up on everyone within the group weekly or even every two days, keeps them accountable. Two days is enough to allow things to happen and enough time to give them some breathing room. Weekly is great if you are a really busy leader, but as a leader carve out a specific amount of time to reach out to those within the group. Staying in constant communication with people within your group help you to keep his or her respect so that you can speak into his or her life. Respect paves the way to accountability; thus, leading to a thriving group because you are getting the nastiness—sin out of one another’s lives.

    Spending Time Outside of Church

    Spending time outside of the church gives people wiggle room to be more of themselves. Getting your small group out for a night or two will help your group to reach new levels because the atmosphere allows your group to be more open with subjects they probably would not have been open to discuss if they were in a church. Spending time with your group members outside of church lets them know that you care for their day to day lives as well as his or her spiritual life.


    Information for this post came from 6 Game-Changers For Small Group Leadersby Scott Osborne.