Category Examples for Distinctive Discipleship Plans

As we concluded our Distinctive Discipleship series this Sunday, it was incredible to watch people...
October 7, 2019

As we concluded our Distinctive Discipleship series this Sunday, it was incredible to watch people pick up their guides to begin the real work. Just a reminder, we want you to fill out one guide for yourself and one copy for accountability.

  1. Once you have your plan solidified, put that copy on your bookmark or somewhere where you will have regular access to using it.
  2. For the other copy, fill it out and put it in an envelope to bring to worship on Sunday.

On the outside of the envelope, write your name and address in the middle. Do NOT put your name as the sender. Put your name as the recipient. We will not open these letters but store them and then send them to you in about 3 months as a way of accountability. Once you receive the plan you worked on in a few months, it will be a helpful encouragement to keep you moving in the right direction.

Here are some ways you can fill out your list.

Category Examples

In case you struggle with selecting a focus for each of the six categories, here are some samples to acclimate your mind to the type of selection you need to make. 

DELIGHT – I need to delight in Jesus more than

    • The approval of others
    • Staying busy for Jesus
    • My favorite sports team
    • My physical appearance
    • Obeying commandments out of fear
    • My spouse’s happiness
    • Finding a spouse
    • My home and possessions
    • My children’s success
    • My favorite hobby

DISOBEDIENCE – My disobedience that must be addressed is

    • Alcoholism
    • Greed
    • Fits of anger
    • Pornography
    • Unwholesome speech
    • Racism
    • Bitterness
    • Flirtatious ways
    • Consistent lying
    • Stealing from work

DOCTRINE – The pivotal doctrine for me to study is 

    • The Gospel
    • Marriage & Sexuality
    • The Holy Spirit
    • Election
    • Old Testament Overview
    • The Second Coming
    • Image of God
    • Deity of Christ
    • The Trinity
    • The Role of Scriptures

DEVELOPMENT – I need development in learning how to

    • Share my faith
    • Love my spouse
    • Discern and use my spiritual gifts
    • Address my finances
    • Teach a Bible study
    • Time management
    • Disciple my children
    • Be a better church member
    • Improve my physical health for the glory of God
    • Do my job better

DISCIPLINE – I will focus on the spiritual discipline of

    • Bible Reading
    • Prayer
    • Scripture Memory
    • Fasting
    • Worship
    • Giving
    • Sabbath rest
    • Service
    • Evangelism
    • Church Involvement

DEPENDENCE – My prayers of dependence will ask God to 

    • Calm my anxiety
    • Reconcile my family
    • Save my friend
    • Raise the money needed for missions
    • Restore the joy of his salvation
    • Make me patient
    • Heal my neighbor’s sickness
    • Send more workers to the harvest
    • Bring unity in our church
    • Soften my spouse’s heart