2020 Goals for Rocky Creek

As we concluded 2019, we shared some goals for 2020 to help you pray, plan,...
January 13, 2020

As we concluded 2019, we shared some goals for 2020 to help you pray, plan, help, give, and go. Use this guide as a way to anticipate what God might have in store for us this year!

Commission [Missions]

  1. Prepare church planting strategy for West Africa. The Sereer Palor people group need a consistent gospel presence in their villages. We will work with the IMB to prepare a strategy to place a missionary or pastor for the task of planting a local church.
  2. Launch local church plant/replant strategy. We desire to multiply our efforts by planting or replanting a church connected by aligned strategies and resources. Pray for God to lead us to the right opportunity.
  3. Establish endowment fund. To further our ministry efforts, we are going to establish an endowment fund which would expand opportunities to give to Rocky Creek. Through intentional planning, we can help you give in such a way that your generosity can impact generations to come.

Commitment [Ministry]

  1. Create spiritual gift database to equip members for service. God has gifted you in a specific way, and we want to help you serve in alignment with His design. We will establish a process for you to discover your spiritual gifts and enable us to know how best to place you into ministry service.
  2. Organize thorough counseling ministry. We each have difficult circumstances that come against us, but we don’t have to manage them alone. By developing a community of specialized counselors, we will be able to help disciple people through specific situations.
  3. Provide members with tools to better connect. As our church grows larger, we want to get closer. We will develop easy ways for members of groups and service teams to stay connected.

Commandment [Discipleship]

  1. Develop spiritual milestones for age groups. Our ministry teams will compile a list of discipleship markers for working with preschoolers, children, and students. Listing reasonable goals for what they should know and what they should be able to do at developmental stages will help disciple the next generations.
  2. Create additional Gospel Groups at non-traditional times. As God continues to bring people to faith in our church, we must multiply our group options. By starting new groups at varying times, we increase our ability to disciple others.
  3. Broaden strategy for collegiates and young adults. We are blessed with a great group of collegiates and young adults, but we want to further develop our strategy for discipling these age groups. At such a critical point in life, we want to improve how we walk alongside this part of our church family.

Communion [Worship]

  1. Investigate additional worship service options. All three of our worship services are growing. If God continues to send more people our way, we will ned to find additional times to gather.
  2. Improve online platform. With the needs increasing for those in our church family who are shut-in, sick, or traveling, we want to keep them connected to worship services and other helpful content. We have plans to improve our online platform to maintain connectivity with those inside and outside the church.
  3. Develop campus plan for future growth. Before beginning any further additions, we desire to have a solid master plan that accommodates for potential needs in the future. Developing this plan will guide us toward a unified direction.