Children on Mission

Children on Mission


I love watching our church using their passion to disciple others. Let me introduce you to Christy Warren who serves our Mission Kids on Wednesday nights.

“When I was a child, I heard missionaries speak at my church. Some of the missionaries even spent the night in our home.

“I’ve spent a lot of my adult life trying to share my early love of missions with children. It’s a joy to see children’s faces on Wednesday evenings at Rocky Creek when they hear stories of missionaries and then realize that they can become missionaries too.

“For Rocky Creek to continue to have adults supporting and being on mission, we have to instill a passion for missions in our youngest children.”

-Christy Warren, Mission Kids’ Leader

Think about the impact that those initial missionaries are having even on our youngest children years later. That’s how discipleship spreads! If you are interested in your child learning more about missions, make plans to bring them on Wednesdays. We welcome our preschoolers or children on Wednesdays to learn about their incredible opportunity to reach the world at an early age!