It’s Your Serve!


It’s Your Serve!


In the game of tennis, there is a battle back and forth for points. Each player or pairs of players serve in order to gain points. The tennis player never arrives at the court expecting to win points without serving to the opponent. Thankfully, in the church, there is no battle for points. We are all serving on the same team. When we serve at church, everyone wins because the Kingdom of God is engaged in serving others.

It takes each of us each doing our own part to accomplish the things that the Lord has purposed for Rocky Creek.

Consider for a moment, what the meal for the Overcomers might look like if Joy Emery had to cook chicken, cut it into pieces, and mix it in the casserole that is so popular among those who have tasted JoAnn Wilkie’s chicken casserole? The casserole would be lacking if Joy takes the lead in the kitchen. On the other hand, JoAnn is not going to volunteer to be the VBS director responsible for getting up on the stage to welcome the children to VBS.

People have different bents, personalities, gifts, and passions within the church. It takes the entire church working together to do the things the Lord has called Rocky Creek to accomplish. 1 Corinthians 12 tells us that there are different gifts within the church, and not all are called to do the same thing. The body is one with many parts. It takes each of us each doing our own part to accomplish the things that the Lord has purposed for Rocky Creek.

During this time of isolation, we have a unique opportunity to consider the “what” does God desire for me to do at Rocky Creek and “where” would He have me serve. We are discovering that we need new Gospel Groups. This COVID crisis has proven that we need community, and the best way for Rocky Creek to provide community is through the avenue of our Gospel Groups. This crisis has also proven that we need mentors. A college student’s passion for math has provided tutoring for a middle schooler. A home business owner is depending on someone who loves ministering to children to help with childcare so the business owners can continue to work. A passion for media has allowed a church member to help another church member set up a website. A person who has been through a specific crisis is being paired with someone on the front end of a similar crisis. If you are a member of Rocky Creek, you are called to serve.

We are inviting Rocky Creek church members to take a spiritual gifts inventory to see where each person might be matched in ministry service. As your church staff desires for each person to find a weekly place of ministry within the church, we desire to help you find where that place is for you. Please allow about 40 minutes to take this survey to let us know where you might serve in ministry at Rocky Creek. You might want to take a few minutes before you begin to type a short 4-5 sentence personal testimony in a document that can be copied and pasted into the survey to make it quicker for you to finish once you start the survey. There is a task for everyone, so go ahead and start with the spiritual gifts inventory. Help us determine where you fit in God’s plan for Rocky Creek to reach our community.

Start the spiritual gifts inventory now…