Proposal for Phase 4 [Waypoint July 2020]

Since we all cannot gather for Waypoint during this time of social distancing, we are...
July 12, 2020

Since we all cannot gather for Waypoint during this time of social distancing, we are providing this digital presentation to celebrate what God has been doing in our church and to share some plans going forward.

There are two videos below.

  1. The first video is the full 36-minute presentation that gives key updates and specific plans regarding the proposal for Phase 4.
  2. The second video is the 5-minute summarized proposal for Phase 4 that we showed in our worship services.

Waypoint Presentation

Summarized Proposal


We will share additional details in the days to come, but here are the essential points to consider:

  1. The original concept in 2017 was to spend over 2 million dollars to build a welcome center, make medium-sized meeting spaces, and create an unfinished space for offices.
  2. After further review, we feel it would be wiser to tweak the existing welcome center, update the existing Fellowship Hall, and remodel finished space for offices on the north side of campus for approximately 1/4 of the original cost.
  3. Phase 4 is divided into 3 sections to accomplish as funding is available (4.1 – update Fellowship Hall and lobby; 4.2 – remodel 1st floor to house accessible offices, counseling, and meeting rooms; 4.3 – tweak existing welcome center to serve as accessible hub of campus.
  4. The reason we believe we should do this now is due to the financial health of the church, the lowered pricing during these economic times, the margin we currently have with our facilities, the need of counseling is growing and our current space is not soundproof, and the location of the existing office on the basement floor keeps people with limited mobility unable to meet with pastoral counsel.
  5. With the estimated price tag, we are currently within reach of doing the entire phase due to people’s generosity to the building fund, availability of extra funds available in reserves, and savings due to us doing the demo work ourselves.
  6. Depending upon the final costs, we are $10,000-160,000 away from being able to finish the entire Phase 4.
  7. We propose a building team to oversee the entire process (Travis Agnew, Carol Culpepper, Spencer Dixon, Kristi Giddens, Steve Holland, Clint Smith, Mike Ayscue, and Keith Westcott).
  8. We will have a Q&A time on Sunday afternoon, July 19th at 4:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.
  9. We will have an online vote on July 26th.

You can see the entire presentation here: Phase 4 Presentation

Vote on July 26th

Here is the wording for the online vote:

  • I agree/disagree that Rocky Creek Baptist Church should move forward with Phase 4 which includes:
    • Immediate use of current building funds to update Fellowship Hall, lobby, and install water mitigation plan (4.1).
    • Promote designated building fund giving during the month of August.
    • Relocate classrooms and begin demolition of the first floor.
    • To renovate the 1st floor into accessible office space once funding is complete through building funds and accessible reserves (4.2).
    • To finish work on the welcome center once funding is complete (4.3).
    • To commission the proposed building team to oversee the project until its completion and not to exceed spending of over $650k without having to return to the church body.