Mission Emphasis

During the month of July the students have learned about some of our mission partners,...
July 30, 2020

During the month of July the students have learned about some of our mission partners, for example, Miracle Hill, Project Host, and the Loaves and Fishes Ministry.  We spent time together learning about homelessness, hunger, and solutions to help those in need.

To conclude our July Missions Month, our very own Missions Pastor, David Williams, spent time with the RC students. Pastor David is involved in most of our foreign and North American missions, therefore, has great experience with our partners and trips.  Pastor David taught our students and leaders about some of our foreign and North American mission partners and trips. Even though the trips were canceled due to Covid19, it is important that our students know about them.

Foreign Mission Trips

Pastor David informed the students about the Ecuador mission trip, which would have focused on leadership. Some of our very own pastors, Travis, Jeremy, Ernesto, and David were planning on going to Ecuador. Pastor Ernesto is highly involved in our partnerships with the people in Ecuador. In fact, pastor Ernesto has gone several times, sometimes within the same calendar year, to train leaders within the Ecuadorian churches.

Another mission trip Pastor David emphasized was the Brazil mission trip, called the Luz Project. That mission trip is headed up by Jeremy Smith, and that mission trip focuses on church construction, Bible clubs, helping families in need, and women’s ministry. Jeremy has sometimes had the privilege of working with an orphanage while there in Brazil. In fact, he has been going many years now and has established great relationships with the Brazilian people.

In like fashion, another one of our Brazil mission trips is led by David Sherwood.  Similar to Jeremy Smith’s trip, David Sherwood focuses on church construction. They go to help build churches so believers will have a place to worship. While they are there, they may also hold VBS for the children of the community. Another ministry that takes place on the Sherwood Brazil trip is a focus on ladies ministry. The missionaries hold a ladies Bible study, build relationships, and strive to meet people’s needs in their part of Brazil.

Tokyo was another place Rocky Creek members were going this year.  Kristen Emery was scheduled to go to Tokyo through the South Carolina Baptist Collegiate Ministry . Her purpose was to help spread God’s Word to the people of Tokyo. It was an exciting opportunity, not to mention her trip would have been during the Olympics, which would have given her many opportunities to share the Good News.

David also shared about our Senegal mission trip, led by Alton Lanier. Alton has spent many years building relationships with the people in Senegal. Through Alton and Rocky Creek’s investment in  Senegal, people have come to know Christ. The hope is that one day there will be a church raised up in Senegal.

North American Mission Trips 

Rocky Creek hosts two North American mission trips. One is the New York mission trip led by Jerry McCorkle. Jerry leads a ministry called, “SpreadTruth Ministries,” where the focus is on spreading the Gospel to those living in Brooklyn, New York. Participants get to serve in VBS, street evangelism, and learn how to share their faith with others.

The second mission trip, is the New England mission trip. Pastor David has led several trip to New England to minister to the people at Framingham Baptist and Precision Valley Baptist, in Vermont. In the past, he has had the opportunity to help with painting, leader training, marriage retreat, and our high-school mission trip to New England.

The high-school New England mission trip is a trip where the students get the opportunity to serve our mission partner, Framingham Baptist Church. We serve Framingham Baptist Church by hosting a VBS for the children in that community. Last year, we have a total of about 88 children each day who attended our VBS. We provided an all-day VBS with teaching, Bible stories, recreation, crafts, and snacks. The most important thing is that we got to share the Gospel daily with all of the children who participated.

In conclusion, Rocky Creek Baptist Church is a church that believes in the mission and Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the sole reason why people go, give, pray, and serve on mission trips with our mission partners. Please continue to pray for our partners during this time of Covid19. Thank you for your prayers.