Project Host Soup Kitchen

Project Host Soup Kitchen Rocky Creek students will be able to help serve the homeless...
July 2, 2020

Project Host Soup Kitchen

Rocky Creek students will be able to help serve the homeless this week during our Wednesday gathering. For example, students and leaders will be making sandwiches for the Project Host Soup Kitchen. Prepared sandwiches will then be given to our Project Host representative, Christy Warren, who happens to be an employee of Project Host.

Project Host’s Mission

Project Host’s sole purpose is to help those in need. In fact, their motto is, “Using Food As A Tool To Nourish The Hungry And Train The Unemployed.” They accomplish this by through several different ways. For example, Project Host has a soup kitchen that feeds many in the Greenville area. “The soup kitchen offers a free, balanced and nutritious meal each day in a safe, clean, and caring environment to all who are hungry.” (Project Host)  The kitchen is open every day, Sunday through Friday from 11am-2pm, offering food to any who come. Second, they also have their own garden where they raise vegetables and train others how to cook and become financial stable. Along with providing meals for people, Project Host also has the CC Pearce Culinary School. “The CC Pearce Culinary School addresses the root cause of hunger by equipping unemployed and underemployed individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to work in professional kitchens and to become more financially stable.”(Project Host) This particular school is a 6 week culinary school focused on training the unemployed to best prepare them for a career. Further, students of the school get invaluable experience as they learn how to prepare meals, learn culinary tricks, and help feed meals for children.

Because feeding those who are in need is very important, Project Host started a program to feed children. The name of the program is called, “Cooking for Kids.” Project Host states, “Cooking for Kids utilizes our culinary students to make freshly prepared meals for children of low-income families. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, approximately one in five children do not have access to adequate and nutritious food.” (Project Host)  What a blessing Project Host is to many families in helping to fight hunger among our city’s children.

Rocky Creek students are privileged to partner with Project Host every year. One of the ways our Rocky Creek students help is by serving the needy through their soup kitchen. Before Covid19, students and leaders would attend the Project Host building which is located at 525 South Academy Street in downtown Greenville. They would get the opportunity to help cook and prepare food for any who came that particular day to receive a meal. Due to Covid19, however, our students will not be able to go to the physical building, but we still get the opportunity to prepare food for the homeless. During July, we will take a couple of Wednesday nights and prepare sandwiches for Project Host. It is a way that we can still be connected to our local mission partners and help make an impact by feeding the needy. Please remember to keep Project Host in your prayers as they minister in Greenville.