Studying the Bible Part 2

As students learned last week, it is very important to come prepared to study God’s...
September 24, 2020

As students learned last week, it is very important to come prepared to study God’s Word. In our daily lives, people prepare for lots of different things, for example, a test, an event, an activity, a project, etc. One question that we must ask is, “Do we put the same kind of attention or tenacity into studying God’s Word for ourselves?” We are to prepare our hearts for our time with Him. Based on John 16:13-15, we are to trust in God’s Spirit to “guide us into all the truth.” Undoubtedly, He and His presence will guide us in God’s truth.

He guides us in truth

Another important step in studying God’s Word is to understand the content. We all have been guilty of misunderstanding someone or simply taking someone “out of context.” Therefore, it is wise to understand the context of what someone is trying to convey. For instance, take Mark 4:1-9 which is the parable of the sower. What is Jesus talking about in this parable? How is context important in this story? Asking questions of the text will help find answers. For instance, what are the kinds of soil that Jesus is describing in Mark 4:1-9. Asking questions and researching for answers, in the right places of course, helps to come to an understanding of the context. There are plenty of great online commentaries and research tools online that will help enrich Bible study.

Application of God’s Word in our lives is vital

Once a person is prepared to study God’s Word, has understood the content of the Scripture passages, then the next step is to take what is learned and apply it. Applying God’s Word to our life is following Him in obedience. It is not always easy to do that, but God’s Spirit helps us when we strive to follow Him. John 16:13-15 is a great verse that says God’s Spirit will “guide us into all the truth.” We needs His help in learning and applying God’s Word to our lives.