Families on Mission: Meet the Masseys

Jason and Tara Massey, along with their children, Caleb and Eliana, moved from Michigan to...
December 28, 2020

Jason and Tara Massey, along with their children, Caleb and Eliana, moved from Michigan to Greenville in 2017. In 2018, they made their way to Rocky Creek and joined as covenant members. Four months later, their 10-year-old son, Caleb made his decision to follow Jesus public, joined the church, and was baptized. Six-year-old Eliana has also followed the rest of her family in declaring her faith in Jesus since coming to Rocky Creek. The Masseysʼ faith is not the only thing the family members have declared since coming to Rocky Creek; they have also boldly stepped out in faith to make their heart for missions known as well.

Owners of Dove Light Photography, Jason and Tara have set up their business in the heart of downtown Greer, but they also use their gifts in ministry at Rocky Creek. Taraʼs voice is often the voice behind the morning announcement videos. Jasonʼs videography is often seen on our screens during worship.

Jason and Tara also shot all of our VBS videos allowing us to get the Gospel into the homes of families in our community during our 2020 Virtual VBS. They have learned to find ways to be on mission by using their vocation and gifts in the local church.

Jason did not grow up in a Christian home, but he had a group of friends who were instrumental in introducing him to the local church. After reading the New Testament later in his life, Jason put his trust in Jesus. Tara, on the other hand, grew up in church, became a Christian at an early age, and was actively involved in missions. God used mission trips to Cambodia, Guatemala and Detroit to develop her love for missions. It was on the Detroit trip, as she continued to grow in the Lord, that she understood that He had given her a heart for missions.

Today, the Masseys have a desire to serve God faithfully as a family on mission. Last year, the family signed up to participate in the Ecuador Mission Trip. Their hope was to explore how their family might be able to participate together in an international mission experience. Even though the trip was cancelled due to COVID, the Masseys were able to observe their children embracing the idea of international missions. Eliana and Tara baked cookies to help raise money for the trip, Caleb began to research Ecuador online, and Jason started teaching the kids soccer as a tool to gather Ecuadorian children in an effort to share the Gospel. The entire family started to learn Spanish together to continue to prepare for the Ecuador mission trip. Each family member eagerly awaits the day they are able to participate in the Ecuador Mission Trip as they prepare for that adventure.

While the family continues to seek how God desires for them to serve Him in international missions, their desire is to respond to mission opportunities to serve the Lord at RC and in their own community. The Masseys will soon participate in a college missions event hosted by the South Carolina Baptist State Convention. They are also interested in talking with the International Mission Board to discuss potential mission opportunities. But more than anything, the Masseysʼ desire is to be faithful to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in their lives right where they are.

Being involved in missions is not just something that happens internationally in countries like Ecuador. Mission opportunities happen right next door. Missions can be as simple as being a friend and building a relationship with a family who has recently moved to Greenville. The best part about the Masseysʼ story is that they are not leaving their children out of their mission experiences. Jason and Tara have figured out that missions is a lifestyle that you engage in with your children.