Selecting Your Next Spiritual Discipline

No disciples grows by accident. Through spiritual disciplines, we grow more into who Christ calls...
February 21, 2021

No disciples grows by accident. Through spiritual disciplines, we grow more into who Christ calls us to be.

The Reason for Spiritual Disciplines

  • Most people don’t grow in their faith simply because they don’t want it bad enough.
  • Spiritual disciplines are premeditated activities that encourage spiritual growth.
  • The diligent reps in spiritual workouts reveal their effectiveness when life’s competitions begin.
  • Neglecting time for spiritual trainings reveals that we don’t prioritize it.
  • Spiritual experiences can serve as a booster to your faith, but spiritual disciplines provide the lifeblood for your longevity.

The Need for Spiritual Disciplines

1 Timothy 4:6-16

  • Spiritual disciplines are not meant to make you more liked by Jesus but to make you more like Jesus (4:6-7).
  • Our souls need more work than our bodies (4:8-10).
  • Never use your age or experience to serve as an excuse (4:11-12).
  • Practice makes progress (4:13-15).
  • Your spiritual habits will not only impact you but also influence those around you (4:16).

The Path for Spiritual Disciplines

  • If you aren’t satisfied with your current commitment to spiritual disciplines, do something about it.
  • Don’t lose interest in spiritual habits because they don’t always provide immediate results.
  • Don’t allow guilt of previous neglect keep you from making current progress.
  • Train your soul habits now, and reap the benefits later.

The List of Spiritual Disciplines

  • Bible Meditation – Studying the truths of Scripture
  • Bible Memorization – Committing God’s Word to memory
  • Prayer – Talking to the most important Being about the most important things
  • Worship – Expressing adoration to God for who He is and what He has done
  • Fasting – Premeditated abstaining from essential nourishment for spiritual purposes
  • Stewardship – Giving of your financial resources for the benefit of others
  • Evangelism – Sharing the gospel of Jesus to others
  • Service – Using your spiritual gifts to minister to others
  • Silence and Solitude – Seeking the quiet to calm your soul and focus your thoughts
  • Journaling – Archiving the work of God in your life
  • Learning – Seeking to understand truth so you can share it with others