Annie Armstrong ’21: “Sharing a Living God”

Annie Armstrong ’21: “Sharing a Living God”


Sharing a Living God

A Living God is a God Who answers prayer.  Shahid and Maroofa Kamal are followers of that Living God.  They desire other South Asians living in the Vancouver Canada area to come to know Him and follow Him.  Read about their ministry and watch the video in the link below.

Shahid & Maroofa Kamal: Sharing A Living God

This is the second post on the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  Our desire is for you to understand what this offering supports, to pray for these missionaries, and to consider what you and your family might give to support their work.  We will continue to post these over the next few weeks leading up to Easter.  Each one will be labeled  Annie Armstrong ’21.  Each of these posts will include a link to the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) that will focus on the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO).

The goal for Rocky Creek is to give at least $10,000 by Easter Sunday, April 4.  You can give in person at church or online on the RC Website.

This is number 2 of 8 of the Annie Armstrong “21 posts for 2021.