God Helps Us Grow

If it were not for the construction workers in our society, we would be in...
March 10, 2021

If it were not for the construction workers in our society, we would be in trouble. Just think about it, without them we would not have buildings, offices, homes, and so many other things. Maybe we have taken them for granted? Regardless, construction workers are an essential part of our culture. They find and implement all the many details that go into building things, which can be quite a task. Communities simply could not grow without the importance of these construction workers.

A writer once described God as a “construction worker.” He was not belittling God, but described Him as being One who “builds.”  At first glance that is an odd description of God, but as Pastor Ken Baugh says, “Right now He is building you into the person he wants you to be, using the mold of his Son, Jesus Christ. The theological word for this process is sanctification.”  It is sometimes referred to as “spiritual growth,” “spiritual formation,” or “discipleship.” However, all of these three phrases is a part of sanctification, which is the part of the Christian life where the Christ-follower grows in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is this process of sanctification that is directly related to transformation. Meaning, as an individual grows in Christ, they will be transformed more and more into what God desires for His children. In that regard, Baugh reminds us, “this transformation process is  supposed to be progressive, meaning that every day we should be more like Jesus than we were yesterday…God’s primary goal for our lives as His followers, and we see this emphasized over and over again in Scripture: God wants us to be transformed into the image of His Son.”

One of the most important ways that God helps us grow is through knowing His Word. Paul gives us wise instruction in Romans 12:2 when he writes, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Essentially, knowing God through His Word is how we know Him more, apply His principles in our lives, and be transformed by saturating our minds in His Word. We renew our minds when we “study, meditate, memorize, and apply God’s Word to our lives.” These kinds of things are spiritual disciplines, or some might call it “spiritual exercises.”  Pastor Baugh says, “[These things] need not be limited to Bible study, as you could also include prayer, fasting, solitude, silence, and a host of others…If you want to become more like Jesus Christ, study, meditate, memorize, and apply the Scriptures to your life.”

Reflective Questions

  1. How are you growing in knowing God’s Word?
  2. What is your process for studying, meditating, memorizing, and applying God’s Word to your life?
  3. Can you tell a difference in your spiritual life from a year ago until now? From a month ago until now?

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