God’s Design – 3 Circles Gospel Conversations

God’s Design – 3 Circles Gospel Conversations The book of Genesis explains to us that...
April 21, 2021

God’s Design – 3 Circles Gospel Conversations

The book of Genesis explains to us that God has a design. In fact, Genesis 1-2 shows that God has a design for all of creation. Pastor and author Jimmy Scroggins says, “He created all things on purpose and for a purpose.” Thus, God is the Creator of all things, despite what culture or society may think, and He has a purpose and design for His creation.

God has a design for His Creation

One of the most interesting and awe inspiring things about humanity is that God created us complexly. Meaning, humanity is not just a simple Lego set, rather, as Scroggins says, “more like that of a diesel engine- more involved and complex.” Take for a moment and think about the eyeball. How complex and beautiful our eyeball is, not to mention the gift of sight! Understandably, humanity is complex. In this regard, Scroggins writes, “We are, after all, complex persons who live in a complex world involved in complex relationships. Yet, God has not left us in the dark.” He has a plan and a purpose for all He does, namely, for His creation.

God is relational

As mentioned, God is the Creator of all things. However, He did not just create and then leave creation unto itself. Rather, He directly interacts with it. In fact, God is relational. He desires to be in relationship with us. The Bible explains that God created Adam and Eve and He made them specifically for each other. Further, He created them to be in relationship with each other, and more importantly, with Him. “He literally formed them with His hands. He talked with them. He gave them jobs…He wanted to have a close, personal relationship with Adam and Eve with no shame and no fear of rejection” (Scroggins).

Humanity sinned against God

A catastrophic event happened in Genesis 3:1-6 that hurt the relationship between God and humanity. In fact, that event brought a separation between them. In Genesis 2:16-17, God instructed Adam and Eve to NOT eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 3 details how Adam and Eve did not heed God’s warnings. They simply did not listen to His instructions. They both chose to sin against God and go against Him. “They violated the relationship they were designed to have with God because they disobeyed His clear and loving instructions” (Scroggins). The result of their actions was simply brokenness.

Because of their decision, Adam and Eve for the first time experienced brokenness. Their relationship with God was broken, and their relationship with each other was broken.  “Brokenness is something with which we can all identify. Brokenness feels like guilt, shame, and regret. Brokenness hurts” (Scroggins). In fact, we all experience brokenness. We all have sinned and face the hurt and harm of our sinful choices. However, God does not leave us in our brokenness. He chose to provide for Adam and Eve’s shame, for instance, Genesis 3:21 explains that God provided clothing for them after their sin and shame. God also provides forgiveness for us through the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the atonement for our sin

Scroggins writes, “Adam and Eve sinned, and their sin had consequences. It had consequences for them and for all of humankind for all time. Yet God is gracious, merciful, and compassionate…After the fall, everything became more difficult for Adam and Eve and all of humankind. It is only because of God’s love and mercy that we are able to recover and pursue God’s design.”

There is good news

The good news is that God provides a way for humanity to be restored into a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. We must come to Jesus in repentance and faith to receive God’s forgiveness. Once we have done that, we can be made new and enjoy a restored relationship with God.


Read Genesis 2:7-8, 15-18, 24-25. Discuss how those verses apply to God’s original design for humanity.


Based on Genesis 3:7-13, what was Adam and Eve’s reaction when they realized they had sinned against God?


3 Circles: Gospel Conversations For Life by Jimmy Scroggins