RC Weekly Resources: April 26-May 2

RC Weekly Resources: April 26-May 2


Beginning next Monday, May 3, the weekly Bible Reading Plan and Gospel Group Questions will be sent via email and will no longer be posted through our blog. You can subscribe to “RC Resources” here to have weekly resources delivered straight to your email inbox.


Bible Reading Plan: April 26-May 2

  • April 26: Mark 13
  • April 27: Matthew 24
  • April 28: Matthew 25
  • April 29: Matthew 26, Mark 14
  • April 30: Luke 22, John 13
  • May 1: 2 Timothy 1:8-2:7
  • May 2: Habakkuk 3

Gospel Group Questions: Sunday, May 2

  • How does leadership affect the culture of an organization?
  • What does Paul encourage Timothy to do?
  • Why can we be confident in times of suffering?
  • Why do leaders need to hold on to and promote the Gospel?
  • How do we guard the good deposit/treasure entrusted to us?
  • How is the discipleship process stated/illustrated in 2 Timothy 2:1-2?
  • What three examples does Paul use to illustrate being strong in the grace of Christ?
  • What is the relationship between godly leaders and godly church members?
  • How can you display the Gospel in your life this week?