Waypoint Recap

We had a great time at Waypoint on May 30. Don't miss out on hearing all that the Lord has been doing at Rocky Creek.
June 3, 2021

Download: Summer Waypoint Handout


Rocky Creek desires to make disciples. At Waypoint, we highlighted a family in the church who has dedicated their lives to making disciples around the world.

Members of Rocky Creek sacrificially gave $14,040.52 towards the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

We are also thankful for our church partnerships with Woodside Baptist Church and Cedar Grove Baptist Church. Our goal is to come alongside these churches so that we may see new life and help the Gospel go further, faster in the upstate.

Staff Update

As the Lord continues to work through Rocky Creek, we have been blessed with some exciting new members of the team. Rocky Creek has added six new part-time staff, and one full-time. You can view the entire staff along with the new additions here.

Financial Snapshot

The Lord has truly blessed Rocky Creek over the past year.

In 2020 Rocky Creek:

  • Collected 107.7% of the budget.
  • Only spent 94.3% of the collected budget.
  • Collected an additional $335,296 for the building fund.

So far in 2021, Rocky Creek:

  • Has collected 36.9% of the budget (at the 33% marker on the calendar)
  • Has spent just 31.8% of the budget.
  • Has collected an additional $5,015 for the building fun.

Summer Events and Courses

Rocky Creek has a full slate of events and courses over the summer so that you can grow spiritually.

View Summer Events and Courses Here

Building Update

The new offices were completed at the end of 2020. Rocky Creek now has ample meeting space and easily accessible for everyone in the church.