Recommission Week of Prayer [January 9-16]

We are so glad you are taking part in the Recommission Network Week of Prayer!...
January 9, 2022

We are so glad you are taking part in the Recommission Network Week of Prayer! The concept is simple, we want to come alongside churches and recommission them to focus on the Great Commission that Jesus gives in Matthew 28. 

This week we will specifically focus on praying for our partner churches and seek the Lord about ways we can get involved. If you would like more information reach out to Bryce Staggs.

You can view the Prayer Guide below or a download it right here!

Sunday – 01/9

Read: Revelation 2:1-7

If you notice in these verses, the church in Ephesus was commended for much of what they were doing well. However, there was one thing they weren’t doing, and because of that God threatened to take away their lampstand. Many times churches fall into the trap of thinking they are doing good so they will be ok when they have lost their purpose. Pray that our partner churches would return to their first love, Jesus. 

Pray Today: 

  • That we would repent of our sin.
  • Woodside begins a Week of Spiritual Renewal, pray that the Lord would work in their church. 
  • Pray for Cedar Grove as they gather for worship today. 

Monday – 01/10

Read: Psalm 51:10 

Today, pray that the Lord would create a clean heart in the members of the churches. We often get bogged down with hurt from the past. Pray that we would show grace to one another the same that Christ has shown grace to us. 

Pray Today: 

  • Humility 
  • Love for People
  • That hearts would be changed to be focused on God’s Kingdom over our own. 

Tuesday – 01/11

Read: John 17

Take time to pray through what Jesus prays in John 17 for Cedar Grove, Woodside, and Rocky Creek. 

Pray Today:

  • That we would glorify God (17:1-5).
  • That the name of Jesus would be proclaimed in the church (17:6). 
  • Pray for unity (17:11). 
  • Pray for Joy (17:13). 
  • Pray for sanctification (17:17).
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to sustain the church (17:26). 

Wednesday – 01/12

Read: Acts 1:8

Do we truly live our lives like we have been given all power through God? 

Pray Today:

  • We would reach our community. 
  • The Lord would cultivate a love for those who live around our partnering churches. 
  • Pray that the churches would have an outward presence not just an inward focus. 

Thursday – 01/13

Read: Matthew 9:37-38

There are people all around us who need Jesus. The Lord has blessed us Rocky Creek with resources where we can serve other churches. The Lord has also blessed you with gifts and talents where you could serve one of those churches. Pray today about how you might be able to serve a partner church. 

Pray Today: 

  • That the Lord would show you the lost around you. 
  • That the Lord would show you what your gifts and talents are 

Friday – 01/14

Read: Acts 2

Notice how at the church in Acts they cared for one another and met their needs. In addition, Luke tells us in Acts that Christians were first called Christians at Antioch by others. Because of how they lived others noticed the difference and called them Christians. How will you live your life differently?

Pray Today: 

  • Pray that you would live your life in such a way that others would know you are a Christian. 
  • Pray that the Lord would give you a heart for other believers and other churches. 
  • Ask the Lord what you can sacrifice for other believers and for His Kingdom. 

Saturday – 01/15 

Read: Daniel 9

As Daniel prays in the chapter he was the only righteous one in the land. Yet he didn’t blame others for the exile or the judgement. He bore the responsibility along with all of Israel. Notice his constant use of the pronouns “we” and “us,” it was never “they” or “them.” 

Pray Today:

  • That we would be broken for our sin and the sin of others. 
  • That we would show compassion to those who are far from God. 
  • That we would be a light in the darkness pointing to the goodness of God. 
  • That as people of God we would repent of our sins.

Sunday – 01/16

Read: 1 Timothy 1:3-7, Titus 1:5-9, Hebrews 13:17

In these verses we see the outline of a pastor. Unfortunately many churches decline because they call pastors who do not meet these qualifications, or they fail to follow the shepherd of their flock. 

Pray Today:

  • That our churches would be led by men of God who meet the biblical requirements of a pastor. 
  • That the people in our churches would follow the leading of the pastor who has been called to shepherd the flock. 
  • That you would follow God wherever he leads your family.