The Person of Christ

Jesus Christ changed everything. Through His person and His work, God brought about the only...
April 4, 2022

Jesus Christ changed everything. Through His person and His work, God brought about the only way to salvation.

The Anticipation of the Christ

  • Jesus is the Long-Awaited Messiah that all of history longed for and all of Scripture prophesied.
  • The Old Testament pointed toward a coming Christ that would restore a people.
    • Genesis 3:15
    • Genesis 12:1-3
    • Genesis 49:9-10
    • Deuteronomy 18:15
    • 2 Samuel 7:9-14
    • Psalm 22
    • Isaiah 7:14
    • Isaiah 9:6-7
    • Isaiah 53
    • Daniel 7:13-14
    • Micah 5:2

The Incarnation of the Christ

  • Incarnate comes from Latin and means “in the flesh” (in – in, carnis – flesh).
  • Caesar wanted to show how great he was by elevating himself above the people; God showed how great He was by becoming one of the people.
  • The birth of Jesus introduced the world to its Savior (Luke 2:10-11).
  • Jesus’ humility was shown by emptying Himself to become a human, born in a small town, delivered in a manger, and announced to people on the fringes.

The Consecration of the Christ

  • Not much is known about Jesus from age 2 to age 30.
  • At a young age, Jesus impressed the religious leaders and showed commitment to the work of His Father (Luke 2:49).
  • John the Baptist cleared the path for the ministry of Jesus (Matt. 3:3).
  • John baptized Jesus in order for Christ to identify with our sinful condition (Matt. 3:15).

The Temptation of the Christ

  • After Jesus’ baptism, the Spirit leads Him to the wilderness where Satan tempts Him (Matt. 4:1).
  • Jesus doesn’t argue with Satan; He simply quotes Scripture to him.
  • Jesus was fully God and fully man, yet He never sinned.

The Selection of the Christ

  • Jesus chose ordinary men to be His disciples and do extraordinary works alongside Him.
  • Jesus didn’t call the qualified; He qualified the called.
  • Jesus’ job assignments for the disciples were: 1) to be with Him, 2) to preach, and 3) to have authority over demons (Mark 3:13-19).
  • The entirety of Jesus’ strategy focused on the need to multiply His ministry among His disciples.

The Revelation of the Christ

  • Jesus initiated His ministry when He taught from the Old Testament about the Messiah’s identity (Luke 4:21).
  • Jesus revealed God’s Word through His authoritative teaching (Matt. 7:28-29).
  • Through teaching parables, Jesus’ lessons were easily transferable (Matt. 13:34-35).
  • Jesus’ intense words of eternal life made some walk away and some unable to walk away (John 6:68).

The Supplication of the Christ

  • With the incredible works that the disciples beheld, they only asked Jesus to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1).
  • Jesus’ ministry constantly revolved around His prayer life.
  • Within the Lord’s Prayer, we see a consistent template with which to pray (Matt. 6:9-13).