God hasn’t given up on you.

Neither have we.

Our desire is to make disciples who take personal responsibilityfor kingdom activity.



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Service Times

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Your preschoolers from birth-K5 can learn about Jesus while you participate in worship and/or a Gospel Group.

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When Forces Oppose God’s Work

The opposition increased as Nehemiah and the people made progress on the wall. When forces oppose God’s work, we must stay faithful to His calling, knowing that He is more powerful than any resistance aligned against us.



Mar 21 2023

Suffering: Insights from Paul David Tripp

Everyone goes through a period of suffering. When suffering hits we need to remember that God cares for us, and He sees us in our suffering.
Mar 20 2023

Mission and World Religions

As we undertake the Great Commission, we will share the gospel with people firmly convinced of another religion’s claims. Discover the differences...
Mar 14 2023

A Unique Privilege

Working with preschoolers is a unique privilege. Feeling safe and being able to listen and engage with these stories is the building block for their...
Mar 13 2023

Missiology of Western Culture

We often strategize ways to impact international fields with the gospel, but Western culture is also in great need. Understanding this mission field...
Mar 10 2023

Flexing The Sunday Morning Muscle

The time we spend on Sundays learning, serving, and growing clearly demonstrates to our children what is valued in our homes. How can you stay...
Mar 06 2023

Mobilizing the Local Church

While each individual Christian must take personal responsibility for Kingdom activity, the Great Commission is not to be accomplished alone....