Know That You Know That You Know

There is no greater assurance to seek than that of your salvation. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have eternal life and your present life receives the purpose needed.

December 26, 2021

Sermon Notes

God does not want you to be unsure if you belong to Him (5:13).

True Christians Pray Confidently (5:14-15)

  • Prayer serves to align us with God’s desires rather than Him fulfilling our wishes (5:14).
  • Those who know Jesus are eager to pray and confident that He hears them (5:15).

True Christians Love Intensely (5:16-17) 

  • Followers of Jesus should bear a deep burden regarding even the sin of others (5:16).
  • Any professed love for others should reach the spiritual level (5:17).

True Christians Obey Predominately (5:18a)

  • We must be reborn before we can ever be redirected (5:18).
  • Ongoing, defiant sin cannot be present in the life of a true believer (5:18).

True Christians Endure Assuredly (5:18b-19)

  • If you refuse the devil’s ways, you can be assured of God’s protection (5:18).
  • We do not have to fear this world’s corruption because the enemy has no power over us (5:19).

True Christians Believe Wholeheartedly (5:20-21)

  • Faith in Jesus should provide a type of holy confidence in who He is and what He has done (5:20).
  • Beware of substituting a good thing into a god thing (5:21).

Do you know that you know that you know that you belong to Jesus?