God’s Will Regarding Your Purity

All of us want to know God’s will for our lives, and God graciously defines it in many ways – including our purity. God desires that we would grow in Christ and not be sidetracked by lust and immorality.

March 13, 2022

Sermon Notes

You can exemplify righteousness in numerous areas yet be derailed due to sexual immorality.

God’s Will Is Found in Scripture (4:1-2)

  • Don’t get complacent in present battles by resting on past victories (4:1).
  • God’s Word must define our standard for purity, or we will gradually permit anything imaginable (4:2).

God’s Will Is Found in Sanctification (4:3-7)

  • You cannot be in God’s will if you yield to sexual immorality (πορνειας) without a fight (4:3).
  • Your spiritual condition is affected by how you handle your physical desires (4:4).
  • It’s a shame when Christians lose their witness because their sensual behavior is no different than the world’s (4:5).
  • Sexual sin is always an offense against God and someone else (4:6).  
  • Many Christians miss opportunities from God because they are consumed with sensual desires (4:7).

God’s Will Is Found in Satisfaction

  • Decide whose standard you will accept
  • Devote that your needs must be met God’s way
  • Determine what consistently causes you to fail
  • Diminish your opportunities for temptation