Here I Raise My Ebenezer

December 31, 2017

Sermon Notes

Here I Raise My Ebenezer (1 Sam. 7:2-17)

Samuel remembered God’s faithfulness in the past to help him go forward. As individuals and as a church, it is important to celebrate his activity in the previous year as we anticipate his work in the coming year.

REPENTANCE (1 Sam. 7:2-6)

  • True repentance always involves a turning to and a turning from.
  • You can’t serve your God if you are consumed with serving yourself.
  • Genuine repentance always moves from a tearful acknowledgement to a tangible response.

FORGIVENESS (1 Sam. 7:7-11)

  • The enemies of the people of God are always armed and ready when they hear that we are making progress.
  • Persisting in prayer reveals that we believe God’s strength is far greater than our strength.
  • Even in our continual struggles, our greatest and surest hope is in the gospel.
  • Our greatest contributions in battles are only after God has already won the war.

REMEMBRANCE (1 Sam. 7:12-14)

  • In the middle of where you’ve been and where you’re going, it’s helpful to remember who has been there every step of the way.
  • If the LORD has helped me this far, how could I fathom that he would leave me now?
  • The greatest cure for an anxious heart is a good memory.

CONTINUANCE (1 Sam. 7:15-17)

  • No matter how you started, seek to finish well.
  • It is critical to evaluate and address the spiritual conditions of those within your sphere of influence.
  • The routine isn’t as exciting as the revival, but both of them are important.