Make the Most of Every Evangelistic Opportunity

March 18, 2018

Sermon Notes

Colossians 4:2-6

Make the Most of Every Evangelistic Opportunity

Instead of waiting for unbelievers to come to the church, the church is meant to go to the unbelievers out in the world.  By making the most of every evangelistic opportunity, disciples engage in Kingdom work by the way they pray, walk, and talk.

Pray for Opportunity (Col. 4:2-4)

  • Be devoted to a spiritually alert prayer life.
  • Instead of praying to get out of your circumstances, pray that God will use your circumstances to open doors for ministry.
  • Pray that God would equip you to proclaim the gospel’s mystery with clear simplicity.

Walk with Integrity (Col. 4:5)

  • If you are going to impact outsiders with the gospel, you have to learn how to live among them with integrity.
  • Non-believers are watching to see if your practice of life matches your profession of faith.
  • Seize every opportunity you have with a non-believer because you never know how God will use it.

Talk with Specificity (Col. 4:6)

  • Preach the gospel at all times.  Since it is necessary, use words.
  • If you are sharing grace with another, then your words should be gracious.
  • Have specific conversations with specific people that leave them thirsty for more.

Next Step

    • Onsite – What do you need to adjust to think about outsiders in worship with us?
    • Online – Do you represent Jesus well online?  Do you use it as a tool to reach others about Jesus and the church?
    • Offsite – How will you be intentional to reach people outside the church?
  • WHO
    • Write out the top 5 people you interact with regularly in each column (family, neighbors, work, and play).
    • While you cannot be completely confident regarding a person’s salvation, you can have a genuine leading based on a person’s profession of faith and evidence of fruit.
    • With that in mind, mark a cross besides those you believe to be saved, a “x” beside those you believe to be lost, and a “?” beside those of whom you are unsure.
    • Evaluate how your list shapes out and make some observations about those closest to you in life.
    • Circle three of the names with either a “x” or a “?” beside them, and make a plan to start intentional gospel interactions with them in how you pray, walk, and talk.