Thanking God for This Church

Paul planted a church in Thessalonica, and, years later, he wrote them to express his genuine gratitude and persistent prayer for the congregation. As we look around our church family, we can also stand in awe of what Christ has done and anticipate what He will do.

January 2, 2022

Sermon Notes

The Church at Thessalonica

  • Thessalonica was a thriving city known for its growing population and diverse worldviews.
  • Those who “turned the world upside down” reasoned from the Scriptures, witnessed many conversions, and eventually fled from persecution (Acts 17:1-10).
  • Since the opposition limited Paul’s time with this church, he wrote this letter to comfort, correct, and challenge them.
  • The theme of 1 Thessalonians is how disciples can live with eternity in mind.

The Message for Thessalonica

  • A church connected to Christ is characterized by grace and peace (1:1).
  • A good church is a gift of God for which we ought to give thanks (1:2).
  • A church needs continual prayers more than occasional engagement (1:2).
  • Christians should display active faith, observable love, and enduring hope (1:3).

The Connection for Us

  • The healthiest types of churches are those that continue to get healthier
  • We cannot rest on the accomplishments of the whole church while neglecting individual engagement.
  • Our mission: we are making disciples who take personal responsibility for Kingdom activity.
  • Our vision: everyone discipling someone.