There’s Always Somebody Taller

June 11, 2017

Sermon Notes

After God’s Own Heart

There’s Always Somebody Taller (1 Samuel 17)

Israel put their strength in King Saul the tall until Goliath the taller came around.  In the battle against a giant, never forget the greater story of which we are a part.

Disclaimer: The story of David and Goliath is not about how you need to be brave regarding your overwhelming circumstances.

Fearful Soldiers

  • What we fear the most is what we trust the most (1 Sam. 17:4-11).
  • Failure to address our fear only enables our enemy to draw closer (1 Sam. 17:8, 25).

Fearless Shepherd

  • The 41st day of the battle was a turning point not because the threat had changed but because of who heard it (1 Sam. 17:16, 23).
  • David was fearless even though:
    • his brother told him he was inexperienced (1 Sam. 17:28),
    • Saul told him he was incapable (1 Sam. 17:33),
    • and Goliath told him he was insignificant (1 Sam. 17:43).

Faithful Savior

  • David understood that God had delivered him in the past to prepare him for the challenges in the future (1 Sam. 17:34-37).
  • You need not rely on the armor of men when you are clothed in the armor of God (1 Sam. 17:38-40; cf. Eph. 6:10-17).
  • David fought Goliath not for the glory of himself, his king, or his country.
  • David fought Goliath so that the glory of God would be known in all the earth (1 Sam. 17:45-47).
  • Jesus is the greater David who defeated the greater giant.