Worship by the Book

June 18, 2017

Sermon Notes

After God’s Own Heart

Worship by the Book (2 Samuel 6)

When David returned the ark to Jerusalem, he learned how God takes worship very seriously.  We can’t worship God if we neglect the Word of God.

Worship Commenced

  • The people of God learned how to worship God from those who did not know God.
  • We are called to obey the Word – not imitate the world.

Worship Interrupted

  • It is a dangerous thing to enter the presence of God and somehow believe that you deserve to be there.
  • Once you have experienced the presence of God, you can’t settle for anything less.

Worship Reinstated

  • The only way we can avoid God’s wrath is if another has absorbed God’s wrath for us.
  • If you truly grasp God’s forgiveness, you can hardly contain your worship.