Titus: Paradigm Shifts in the Church

On Sunday, we finished up our first series in the Book of Jonah at Rocky...
March 8, 2017

On Sunday, we finished up our first series in the Book of Jonah at Rocky Creek!  I learned so much through that study.  I have been working on finishing up sermon outline for 2017 (almost there), but I am so excited to tell you where we are headed next – Titus.

The Book of Titus is one of the pastoral epistles.  The Apostle Paul wrote this to his mentee who served as a pastor in Crete.

What I love about this study is that I was planning a topical study on church and discipleship and trying to think through how to connect it.  I also knew that I had to keep Easter in mind as we went forward.  On the commute home one day, I told Amanda regarding the sermon plans that I had finished and she said, “I’m surprised you are not doing another book next.  I thought that is what you wanted to do.”

“Well, I am going to do that, but I am not sure about a book that addresses all of the church stuff I want us to get into at this point.”

As I finished my commute, my mind started to drift towards Titus.  I started thinking through the outline and eventually put it on audio to listen to the book on the way home.  I was amazed at God’s organization and my oversight!  Titus addresses everything I was hoping to get into and then some!  It also lays out a perfect passage for a gospel presentation on Easter Sunday.  It’s almost like God has a plan or something, huh?!  ?

Titus was a pastor trying to keep the church he pastored in the center of God’s will rather than the center of man’s wishes.  When we encounter God’s direction regarding the Church, we will realize he has paradigm shifts for how we think and live as the Church.

Rocky Creek Series [3/12/17-4/30/17]

  • 3/12 – Order in the Church (1:1-9) – People can easily drift from the biblical mandate regarding the Church.  God’s Word provides specific directions to bring order within a local body.
  • 3/19 – All Talk (1:10-16) – Many can profess doctrinal clarity but few can practice ethical purity.  As believers, we cannot be all talk in our commitment.
  • 3/26 – The Multigenerational Church (2:1-6) – Churches are prone to segregate groups by ages.  The biblical example is quite different by modeling multigenerational relationships.
  • 4/2 – On the Clock (2:7-10) – While we are on the clock vocationally, we are also on the clock missionally.  Even if your job isn’t in the ministry, you are in the ministry.
  • 4/9 – Working While Waiting (2:11-15) – People tend to drift to either passively waiting on Christ’s return or actively working while ignoring his return.  We are to show zeal in our work while we wait.
  • 4/16 – Christ Have Mercy (3:1-7) – We will never do enough good works to earn God’s favor.  Our only hope for salvation is if Christ shows us mercy.
  • 4/23 – Stirring Up Division (3:8-11) – In our striving for church unity, we must avoid majoring in the minors.  God’s Word teaches how to maintain unity and deal with those who stir up division.
  • 4/30 – Until Every Need Is Met (3:12-15) – The tendency can be to give as little possible.  Instead of showing minimal generosity, we should see how we can give until every need is met.