God hasn’t given up on you.

Neither have we.

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2024 Entrust Conference

In partnership with Rocky Creek, North Greenville University, and the Entrust Institute, we are excited to host our second annual Entrust Conference, “Ministry Matters: Learning to Help One Another.” This year’s conference will help you gain practical content to help them minister to people their unique contexts.

A place for you.
No matter what age or season of life you’re in.

No matter what stage, age, or season you find yourself in, Rocky Creek is for you! We invite you to be a part of a community of people that are striving together to make disciples who take personal responsibility for Kingdom activity. 

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Exodus Series

In the Book of Exodus, we discover a relentless God who will do whatever it takes to redeem hopeless people in inescapable bondage. God delivers us so profoundly that we should devote our lives wholeheartedly to Him.

Resources for You

Nov 26 2023

Cults and World Religions

When encountering other religions or cults, it can be difficult to share Christ with people of religious backgrounds effectively. It is important to...
Nov 21 2023

Desire God

We often go down a path of wanting the things of heaven but not the one who gives us heaven. We must desire God above all else.

Nov 12 2023

Assurance of Salvation

After we have put our faith in Jesus, we can often be led to question our salvation due to our circumstances. What do we do if we have those...
Nov 05 2023

Next Steps

Once people respond to the Gospel what are we to do next? What are they to do next? Jesus gave us an example of baptism, and a command not just to...
Oct 25 2023

The Best Way To Support Your Pastor

Your pastor may not ask you, but he desperately needs you to intercede for him.

Oct 22 2023

Obstacles in Evangelism

When we share the gospel, we pray that people respond positively. While few respond to the gospel, most don’t respond at all, and a few will have...