God hasn’t given up on you.

Neither have we.

1801 Woodruff Road
Greenville, SC 29607

English 9AM, 10:30AM, 5PM
Español • 10:30AM

Vacation Bible School

June 3-7 • 9AM-12PM

Join us for an exciting week of gospel-centered Bible study, crafts, games, and missions where we will learn that God’s truth never changes! Our focus will be on Romans 12:2 as we dive into Bible studies that point to God’s rock-solid truth in a world of shifting sands.

A place for you.
No matter what age or season of life you’re in.

No matter what stage, age, or season you find yourself in, Rocky Creek is for you! We invite you to be a part of a community of people that are striving together to make disciples who take personal responsibility for Kingdom activity. 

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I AM Series

Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus claims to be God in the flesh by using powerful metaphors that speak to His critical attributes. Discover how Jesus came to transform your life.

Resources for You

May 22 2024

The Two Dangerous Financial Extremes

Money is an amoral element in our lives. It does not contain a moral value in itself. You can do good with it, or you can do bad. So why does it...
May 19 2024

Decreasing Debt

Dissatisfaction leads to unnecessary purchases and increasing debt. Discover God’s principles for decreasing debt and living in financial...
May 15 2024

Regret Expressed as Grief Versus Regret Expressed as Feeling Crushed

There is a difference between regret expressed as sadness/grief for what might have been and regret expressed as a crushing weight of...
May 15 2024

The Good Life

If someone asked you if you were enjoying your life right now, how would you respond? God’s Word provides us with clear instructions on how to get...
May 09 2024

Ecclesiastes (Series Overview)

We are preaching through Ecclesiastes during Summer 2024. Join us at Rocky Creek or one of our Recommission Network churches to study it with us....
May 08 2024

Learning to Abide

Before you teach anyone else about God, you first need to know Him yourself. When I first entered the ministry, I realized how quickly studying the...