God hasn’t given up on you.

Neither have we.

Our desire is to make disciples who take personal responsibilityfor kingdom activity.



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Service Times

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Your preschoolers from birth-K5 can learn about Jesus while you participate in worship and/or a Gospel Group.

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When We Celebrate God’s Work

As the people dedicated the wall’s completion, a joyous celebration commenced. When we celebrate God’s work, we should be known by sincere thanksgiving.


Dec 01 2022

Looking To Christmas: Hope

We know that with Jesus’ first coming, he paid the price for sin, and with His second coming, we anticipate a day when our hope is fully...
Nov 21 2022

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day to pause and remember how God has been loving, gracious, merciful, good, and faithful to us. 
Nov 18 2022


Advent is a great time for families to focus on Jesus and enrich their seasonal celebrations. 
Nov 14 2022

What Happens at the Final Judgment?

There is coming a day when Jesus will declare the eternal state for every person. What Jesus will do with us then depends on what we do with Him...
Nov 10 2022

A Plea From The Life of Robert Robinson

In one instance, Robert Robinson was praising the Lord for His great mercy that never ceases, and in the next instance, he was mocking the...
Nov 07 2022

Will Christians Have to Endure Tribulation?

Scripture is clear that a severe period of Tribulation will impact the earth before the end. People disagree on the presence of Christians on the...