Kids birth–5th Grade can explore God’s Word and experience His love each week.


Where students in 6th-12th grade can connect and grow in their faith!


We are passionate about providing opportunities for adults to grow in faith, connect with others and build friendships.


Cuando entras por nuestras puertas, encontrarás caras sonrientes y voluntarios listos para ayudarte y guiarte hacia donde necesitas ir, además de contestar cualquier pregunta que tengas.


Worship is giving God the glory He alone deserves. Here at Rocky Creek we seek to worship God by exalting Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Scriptures.


Through giving, prayer, and willingness to go on mission, God is accomplishing amazing things in our local communities and around the world.


We want to help every college student to grow as a disciple. Our hope is that every college-aged young adult connected to our church through worship, a Gospel Group, and an opportunity to serve.


We are are committed to helping people face life’s more difficult issues providing on-site, Christ-centered counseling focused on healing and growing healthy relationships with Christ and the people around you.


If you feel like you are stuck in your Christian walk, then it is time to start moving again. The solution for spiritual stagnation is distinctive discipleship.


Serve at Rocky Creek

We have a huge variety of serving opportunities. If you would like to get involved, fill out a Next Steps Card and we will get you plugged in.


Next Step

None of us are there yet, but we should be getting closer. We should be taking the next step. So, regardless of where you are in relation to Jesus, each of us has a next step in following Jesus. The next step of obedience is different for each of us because we are all at a different place. At Rocky Creek, we want to help you determine what your next step is.