It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

As we help disciple others, some situations require additional guidance. Rocky Creek is
committed to assisting members and nonmembers face life’s deep and difficult issues
by providing free, onsite, Christ-centered counseling. It’s okay not to be okay but not
okay to stay that way. Our staff counselors will also have a trusted list of referrals for
situations beyond their comfort to advise.

Browse Our Resources

The Rocky Creek website provides resources as a supplement, not as a
substitute for face-to-face conversations. The resources provide some first
steps for those hesitant to begin counseling. Resources also provide follow-
up guides for those needing more support after counseling.

Allen Mayberry

Allen received a Master of Divinity and a Master in Biblical Counseling
from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His clinical experience includes working in a group practice as a state-licensed counselor, in biblical counseling practices, and in church-based group counseling environments. Striving to be clinically-informed, he is ultimately driven by the content and spirit of Scripture and biblical wisdom. With certification to use Prepare-Enrich, a couples relational assessment tool, Allen brings wise counsel to couples at both the premarital or marital seasons of a relationship. Along with relationship counsel, he also has experience working with people through life transitions and anger. His heart as a counselor is to come alongside those struggling with various forms of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and to guide men to overcome integrity issues.

Ruth McWhite

Ruth is known as a passionate follower of Jesus. She is also Allen’s wife, the mother of 5 children, and the grandmother of 14 grandchildren. With a Master of Religious Education from Southwestern Seminary, she has a tremendous love of Scripture which overflows into her mentoring and counseling conversations. Ruth comes to the Rocky Creek staff following 16 years at North Greenville University where she discipled and mentored young women with truths from God’s Word. She also has multicultural experience as she and Allen served as IMB missionaries in Ecuador. Ruth’s passion is to counsel women of all ages to turn to God’s Word for the wisest of counsel.

Becky Kirby

This is Becky’s second time to serve on the Rocky Creek staff. In 2004,
Becky served at Rocky Creek in our women’s and preschool ministries
and later returned to teaching in 2007. Before Becky retired as a public
school teacher in the upstate in 2019, she earned a biblical counseling
certification from the National Christian Counseling Association. In
2020, she returned to the Rocky Creek staff and has been instrumental
in launching a biblical counseling ministry. Becky has experience
working with children, young adults, women, and couples.