Rocky Creek Kids

Our children’s ministry team has a heart for children and volunteers as an offering to the Lord to serve our children within the context of the church. All of our leaders have been through background checks and are cleared to serve in our preschool and children’s ministry areas.


Preschool (Birth-K5)

On Sundays, your preschoolers from birth-K5 can learn about Jesus while you participate in worship and a Gospel Group (Bible study for adults). Your preschooler can play, sing, and experience God’s love for them as approved leaders care for your preschooler’s needs.

Children (1st-5th Grade)

Your grade schooler (1st-5th grade) can participate in a children’s Gospel Group with friends and then join your family for worship at the other hour. We cherish families worshiping together at Rocky Creek.


Preschool (Birth-K5)

Preschoolers come together on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30PM to review Sunday’s lesson and to show how even the smallest of people can have the biggest of impact as preschooler engage in missions and missions education.

Children (1st-5th Grade)

On Wednesday evenings, your grade schooler will review the childrens’ Gospel Group Bible study from Sunday and engage in discussion about mission work through Rocky Creek, NAMB, and the IMB. Children don’t wait to be missionaries. They participate in missions activities with each other and with their families.


Check In

RC Kids offers weekly activities with interactive, biblical teaching and activities for every stage. Our goal is to partner with parents to plant seeds of faith and ensure each child has a blast exploring God’s Word and experiencing His love each weekend.

Serve With RC Kids

We have a huge variety of serving opportunities. If you would like to get involved, fill out a Next Steps Card and we will get you plugged in.

Next Steps

If your child has expressed an interest in becoming a Christian or taking a next step of faith by being baptized, it is an exciting time! If we can help you please contact us or stop by the Welcome Center this Sunday!