Bible Reading Plans

Take a step forward and commit to a 52-week Bible Reading Plan. Based on the daily reading requirements there are beginner, moderate, and advanced plans. 

If you’ve struggled with consistency  in the past we encourage you to choose a plan with lighter daily reading and attempt something more the following year. The goal is to push yourself enough to grow, but enough that you will break.

Pivotal Passages

Scope: Significant themes and moments throughout the biblical narrative

Daily Reading: 15-20 verses

Band Color: White

Old Testament

Scope: The entire Old Testament

Daily Reading: 2-3 chapters

Band Color: Brown

NT + Psalms + Proverbs

Scope: The entire New Testament, plus Psalms and Proverbs

Daily Reading: 1 chapter

Band Color: Gray

Genesis to Revelation

Scope: A full read of the entire Bible

Daily Reading: 3-4 chapters

Band Color: Black