Everyone Discipling Someone

At Rocky Creek, our vision is for everyone to disciple someone. Specifically, we hope that by the year 2025 we will see 2025 intentional relationships started for the sake of discipleship.

To get there, we have to start now. Who can you disciple? Is it a colleague, a neighbor, a friend, a family member?

Let us know who you’re discipling so we can track our progress as a church and send resources to you along the way.


Plan Builder

The Plan Builder allows you to build your plan right from your phone or computer. After you fill out this form to build your plan, we’ll instantly email you a customized bookmark and handout so you can carry your plan with you where you go.


Sermon Series

This 8-week series goes deep into God’s Word to break down Distinctive Discipleship and its six categories: Delight, Disobedience, Doctrine, Development, Discipline, and Dependence.


Resource Library

Our growing resources contains the tools you may need to help execture your own plan or disciple another. Browse sermons, articles, and stories and narrow down exactly what you need by filtering by topic or book of the Bible.

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Weekly Resources

Every Monday morning, we’ll deliver a Bible Reading Plan and questions to help you think through what God is teaching you as you read your Bible each day.