James Reading Schedule, April: Week 2


James Reading Schedule, April: Week 2


Monday, April 3 – Sunday, April 9     Dead Faith

  • Scripture—Read the following passages this week
  • Observe—What is God saying?  What do you learn from the passages? What do I learn about God?  What do I learn about man?
  • Application—How can I know God more through what I have read? Is there anything I need to obey from what I read How will I practice what I read?
  • Prayer—Write out a prayer to God about what you have learned.

James 2:14-20
Ephesians 2:1-10
Matthew 25:31-46
Luke 19:1-10
Mark 2:1-12
Matthew 9:35-38

Do my actions confirm or contradict the faith that I say I have?

How have I put my faith into action recently?