James Reading Schedule, May: Week 4


James Reading Schedule, May: Week 4


Monday, May 22 – Sunday, May 28                        Righteous Praying

Scripture—Read the following passages this week

Observe—What is God saying? What do I learn from the passages?

What do I learn about God? What do I learn about man?

Application—How can I know God more through what I have read?

Is there anything I need to obey from what I read?

How will I practice what I read?

Prayer—Write out a prayer to God about what you have learned


James 5:13-20

Colossians 1:9-14 and 4:2-6

Acts 12:1-17

1 Kings 17:1-18:46


How much time are you spending in prayer for yourself and others?

What are some specific things we should pray for?

Who do you know that has strayed or wandered from the truth? What are you doing to minister to them?

Why is it vitally important to turn a sinner from their ways?