Book Review – Overcome

    This summer the student ministry at Rocky Creek attended Clayton King’s Crossroads Camp at Anderson...
    August 11, 2017

    This summer the student ministry at Rocky Creek attended Clayton King’s Crossroads Camp at Anderson University. Two of my children attended, and they had a good week learning much biblical truth.  Maggie Ruth, my 12 year old, encouraged me by bringing me a present from camp – the book Overcome.   In this book Clatyon King challenges the reader to “[replace] the lies that hold us down with the truths that set us free.” While I can’t share everything I learned from the book in this post, I want to share some quotes from each chapter.  In each chapter Clayton combats a lie that the enemy tells us.  We Overcome these lies with truth.

    Introduction – “I believe a bedrock lie lurks at the root of every unhealthy choice we make, every fear we allow to dominate us, and every dysfunctional pattern we cycle through over and over again. If we can learn how to identify these bedrock lies, we can dig them out at their destructive root and finally halt the cycle of bad choices and self-destructive behavior.” (18-19)

    Chapter 1 – “You are not unloved.  God loves you.” (219)  “So, again I ask you, how do you see God? What lens do you look through? When you think about him, does the image you have in your mind look like an angry, manipulative deity who’s out to get something only for himself? Or do you see a God who is for you, who is on your side, who wants good things for you and takes delight in providing them?” (37)

    Chapter 2 – “You are not alone.  God’s Spirit is always with you.” (219)  “[Choose] to base your identity and value as a person on what [God] thinks and feels about you instead of anyone else’s opinion.” (57)

    Chapter 3 – “You are not without hope, even when you feel out of control.  Jesus can stop the spin cycle.” (219)  “Lie – things will never get better.” (67)

    Chapter 4 – “Your suffering is not meaningless.  God will use your pain to transform you and others.” (219)  “Maybe God isn’t interested in changing the situation you’re in right now. Maybe his agenda is to change you, and he’s using a tough situation to do it.” (94)

    Chapter 5 – “Your body is not worthless.  God made you in his image, and he values your body and your soul.” (219)  “We’re not pure and holy based on our performance or our perfection but rather a Person…Just because you mess up doesn’t mean you give up.” (113)

    Chapter 6 – “You are not at the mercy of temptation.  The Holy Spirit empowers you to stand firm.” (219)  “It’s impossible to remove all temptation from your life, but it’s totally possible to resist temptation.” (128) “The way you outsmart sin is to read the Bible, know the Bible, and obey the Bible.” (136)

    Chapter 7 – “You do not need wealth to be secure.  Your Savior offers you complete security.” (220)  “But money won’t solve all our problems. Money is no savior.” (152) “So we use money and love people. Make sure not to get this backwards…” (166)

    Chapter 8 – “It’s not impossible to forgive and be forgiven.  Jesus proved it on the cross.” (220)  “No matter how much someone has wronged you and hurt you, they will control you and you’ll continue to suffer as long as you refuse to forgive them.” (172)

    Chapter 9 – “You’re not destined to stay stuck.  You can change by the power of God’s grace.” (220)  “The same power that could overcome the grave is available to you.” (199). “His Spirit, the Holy Spirit who lives inside of [believers] is the change agent.” (211)

    Chapter 10 – “The truth had replaced the lies…Faith had replaced fear, and she changed direction…” (218)

    The truth of God’s Word will alter our lives and it will set us free.  Don’t continue to believe lies.  Renew your mind on truth and live victoriously.