The Importance of Bible Reading


The Importance of Bible Reading


The Summer 2017 edition of Facts and Trends magazine focused on Bible reading and the new Christian Standard Bible (CSB) by LifeWay. The following are quotes from the magazine to help you understand the importance of Bible reading and encourage you to dig into the Word. Let’s get the Word into our lives.  We start a 100 Day Bible Reading Plan on August 20.

“[Reading] Scripture leads to spiritual growth. A previous LifeWay Research study found reading the Bible is the number one indicator of spiritual growth.” (pg 15)

“Overall, Americans seem to like the Bible but don’t have much urgency about reading it.” (pg. 15) If we say the Bible is important, then we should we prioritize reading it.

“Our people need daily exposure to the life-transforming power of God through His revealed Word.” (Brad Waggoner – pg. 25)

“Christians who regularly attend a small group of some type have greater discipleship practices than those who don’t attend a group.” (pg. 25)

“…read [your] Bible between services.” (pg. 25)

“So the more you can help the people in your church to read the Bible, the better they will be able to obey God and deny self, serve God and others, share Christ, exercise their faith, seek God, build relationships, and be unashamed about their faith.” (pg. 47)

If you have a Bible at your house or office or on your phone, then make sure you are transforming your mind by reading it daily. If you don’t have a Bible, get one and start allowing God to change you as you read it.