Increasing Biblical Literacy

    We are currently going through a sermon series at Rocky Creek called “The Word Off...
    September 28, 2017

    We are currently going through a sermon series at Rocky Creek called “The Word Off Our Shelves and Into Our Lives” and we are on day 40 on our 100 Day Bible Reading Plan.  The goal of both of these is to give us an understanding of the major theme of the Bible and to see how it is one connected narrative, not a bunch of disconnected stories.

    If we believe that the Bible is God’s holy, infallible, inerrant Word and that it is important for Christians, then we need to make sure we are increasing in our biblical literacy.  We need to keep growing in our understanding of the Bible.

    Unfortunately, there is a growing trend of many “believers” not knowing fundamental teachings of the Bible and not knowing where to find key passages of the Bible.  We need to reverse this trend and the following (which are not original with me, but came from an article I read) can help us increase our biblical literacy.

    1. Take time to read Scripture each day.
    2. Bring your Bible to groups and worship services and use them to look up passages of Scripture.  Don’t just listen to others read the Word.  Open it up for yourself.
    3. Learn the 66 books of the Bible (39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament) in order.
    4. Know what each book of the Bible is about and a key verse from each.
    5. Read through the entire Bible.
    6. Memorize portions of Scripture.

    Increasing in biblical literacy is a process.  You won’t know everything overnight.  However, by using your Bible to read, memorize, and share Scripture, over time you will grow in your knowledge of the Word, which will help you know God better.  And that should be our desire, to know God through His Word.