2017 Annual Report – Forward

    Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you (Prov. 4:25). God...
    November 8, 2017

    Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you (Prov. 4:25).

    God is at work among the people of Rocky Creek Baptist Church. These are exciting days, and we want to align ourselves with His great commission to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). By making disciples who love, grow, and serve through intentional relationships, we find joy and purpose through our obedience.

    This 2017 annual report is a way to celebrate looking backward, but ultimately, we want this to serve as a guide as we look forward.

    As you read over the following pages, reflect upon God’s goodness to our church family and pray expectantly about the days ahead.

    FORWARD discipleship

    As we look forward to 2018, Rocky Creek will focus on a year of discipleship. As a church, everything we do will be filtered through one key question. How does this group, class, event, project, or trip help us make disciples? Everything we do must lead us to make disciples who make disciples.

    Our plan:

    1. IN WORSHIP: As we gather for biblically-based worship, we will study Colossians and Mark. We will focus on what Christian maturity looks like and how Jesus made disciples.
    2. IN GOSPEL GROUPS: We must focus on multiplying our Gospel Groups in order to have new groups for those joining our church. We must also grow deeper in our study of the Bible and deeper in building relationships with those in our groups.
    3. IN HOMES: Our Gospel Group curriculum is united across age groups. Our model is set so the parent can take the lead role of being the primary spiritual influencer of the child.
    4. IN RELATIONSHIPS: As you are discipled, who will you disciple? We must be intentional in discipleship relationships.
    5. IN CONTENT: Our courses, blogs, social media posts, and communications from leadership will assist you in growing in your faith and will offer you opportunities to share that information with those you disciple.
    6. IN DEVOTION: In 2018, we must continue to desire time with the Lord and continue the momentum of being in the Word that was established in 2017.


    In the year ahead, we want to investigate this question with our ministry partnerships:

    Are they a partner of Rocky Creek or a part of Rocky Creek?

    Being both a partner and a part are important, but the difference is paramount.

    We are a church on mission. We will continue to evaluate all existing partnerships and prayerfully consider new ones. We will evaluate which worship services, languages, ministries, church plants, revitalizations, and nations God wants us to engage with the gospel.

    FORWARD membership

    While we aren’t finished with 2017 yet, we wanted to give you some updates from January-October:

    • WORSHIP ATTENDANCE: ⬆24% from last year
    • BAPTISM CANDIDATES: ⬆51% from last year
    • MONTHLY GIVING: ⬆20% from first quarter to now
    • APP INTERACTIONS: 36,000 + for this year so far
    • NEW WEBSITE: 55,000 + views from March to October

    As Jesus builds His church, we desire to help people take steps toward Jesus, church membership, and serving at Rocky Creek.

    FORWARD workmanship

    Our spiritual maturity will not be marked with how much we have learned from others but how much we have invested in others.

    We hold that all believers are God’s workmanship created for good works (Eph. 2:10). In 2018, we desire to equip members for specific works and meaningful ministry assignments (Eph. 4:12). In 2018, our desire is to see more people serving and being called into ministry.

    • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Line up your interests and passions with volunteer ministry opportunities.
    • OFFICE HELPERS: Assist your staff with weekly office ministry needs.
    • PROJECTS: Students needing service hours or applied experience can serve at Rocky Creek.
    • INTERNSHIPS: Semester internships (with scholarships) offer college students practical ministry experience.
    • RESIDENCIES: Individuals preparing for ministry are paired with mentors & specific ministry responsibilities.


    We are stewards of Rocky Creek’s resources. Everything ultimately comes from God, and we have been blessed by the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. With the Rocky Creek legacy in mind, we must be wise regarding the stewardship of resources, facilities, budgets, and people to set the church up for continued growth in the future. Your ministry leaders have spent much time in prayer and in conversation regarding the stewardship of our buildings and our budget.


    The Lord is bringing growth to our church. As a result of that growth, we are forced to be creative with how to best use our campus. While we are blessed with great facilities, Rocky Creek is landlocked, and we must continue to be flexible with our space and existing facility.

    The church council consulted with an architectural firm to evaluate our existing space and to prepare a master plan for going forward. We have some exciting vision to share with you regarding what we believe is the wisest way to use our reserve fund. In addition, we will share a plan on how to utilize our existing buildings for the future growth at Rocky Creek.

    On Nov. 12th at 6:00 pm, as the church gathers at Waypoint, we will reveal a conceptual campus plan for going forward.

    At Waypoint, the church council will propose a four-phase plan along with a schedule for future discussions. Please make every effort to attend Waypoint, and please be in prayer as God guides Rocky Creek forward.


    The FY2018 proposed budget is now available.  If you are in the church’s email distribution list, you should have it in your inbox.  If you would like to be added to that list, please contact us to subscribe.

    We also have hard copies available at the church office or when you come to worship on Sunday.

    We will have a vote of affirmation regarding the budget on Sunday morning, November 19th.
    Let’s keep moving forward.