Bios for Deacons 2018-2019

    The following five men desire to serve the body at Rocky Creek as deacons in...
    August 9, 2018

    The following five men desire to serve the body at Rocky Creek as deacons in 2018-2019. They will join our existing deacons in order to serve people in the following ways:

    •     Meet needs according to the Word – handle physical needs as they come up
    •     Support the ministry of the Word – allow pastors to study, pray, and preach
    •     Unify the body around the Word – promote Christlike character and mission mindset

    These five men have been examined by the pastors and current deacons, and they have affirmed their understanding of the role of deacon and how they can serve Rocky Creek.  Please pray for these men over the next two weeks.  On Sunday morning, August 19, 2018, the church body will be able to affirm each of these men as deacons to serve in the coming year (September 2018-August 2019). At our Waypoint service on Sunday night, August 19, we will pray for all the deacons for the new year.

       Brenn Bagwell (from Mississippi originally) and his wife Brenda (Roanoke, Virginia) came to Rocky Creek in the fall of 2001, with their kids Berkeley and Brandon.  They have been a part of several ministries of our church ever since then, such as Joyful Ornaments, choir, Deacon Council, children’s ministries, God Answers Prayer, ladies prayer ministry, Perry Correctional Ministry, and the Band of Brothers men’s ministry.

    Brenn works for the Packaging Corporation of America and Brenda is Director of Medical Services for Piedmont Women’s Center, a Mission Partner of our church. The last two years have been very exciting for their family, as Berkeley (29) has married Carlos and Brandon (26) has married Shelby.  So they are blessed with four children now!!  Berkeley is on Staff with Campus Outreach in San Diego, and Brandon is serving as an Officer in the Air Force in Augusta.  He has just been notified that he will be ordained a new Deacon this fall at his Church.

    Brenn and Brenda are so excited about what God is doing at Rocky Creek and Brenn is looking forward to being a servant on the Deacon Council.

       Keith B. Giddens and his wife Kristi joined Rocky Creek Baptist Church in 1996 when they moved their letter from Simpsonville First Baptist.  They have been involved in several ministries at Rocky Creek over the past 20+ years including Youth as teachers, Choir, Joyful Ornaments, Mission Trips to Brazil and Africa, Finance Team, Deacon, various Pastor Search Committees, home Bible Study Groups, Wednesday Night Classes on Experiencing God, Genesis, Revelation, Daniel, Romans, Acts, and The Mind of Christ. “We truly love teaching God’s Holy Word and being with our extended family at Rocky Creek.  It is home to us and we see God’s Hand on the staff as they follow Him in service to our community.”

    They have three sons, Keith, Benjamin and Samuel and two grandchildren, Sammy and Nellie Cate.  Keith lives in both Charlotte and Washington, DC.  Benjamin is moving to Syracuse, NY in a few weeks to attend Med School, and Samuel lives in Simpsonville.  Kristi founded Joyful Ornaments 8 years ago upon God’s calling and is involved in the Women Ministry at Rocky Creek.

        Tim Keagy, as a single 21 year old, moved to Greenville in 1978 from the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania and met Sandy here in 1979. They were married in 1986 at White Oak Baptist Church, and they later had a daughter and son. Kristen is married to former U.S. Marine Sgt. Sean Meara, and they now have four wonderful children Nicholas (11), Wyatt (8), Samantha (7) and Charlotte (2).  His son Sean is also a former U.S.  Marine Sgt., and he has recently joined Tim on his Real Estate team of 27 years.  Tim and Sandy have worked long hours together to have a successful Broker Realtor career with BHHS-C.Dan Joyner .

    Tim, Sandy, Kristen and Sean joined Rocky Creek in 1992. As a family they all shared multiple mission trips to China. They have also been involved with several other ministries at Rocky Creek, such as deacon, choir, Sunday school teachers, Upward basketball coach, Vacation Bible school teacher, various mission trips and Joyful Ornaments.  Tim loves to serve people. It is part of his business life, but the serving part goes way beyond just business.  He has been gifted to listen, care, discern and serve.

        Carl Martinez and Debbie, his wife of 46 years, moved to Greenville in 2007 to take care of their grandchildren.  Now they have eight: five are home schooled and three attend Southside Christian School.  They were previously at a sister church in Simpsonville, but have been members at Rocky Creek for 18 months and are in the Open Arms Gospel Group.

    Debbie was a high school teacher at Cumberland Christian Academy in Austell, GA, for 20 years.  Carl is a former substitute and teacher at Southside Christian School, and currently he works part-time at Publix Grocery Store at Five Forks.

    In 1975 Carl asked our Lord Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior. He was ordained a deacon in February 1982 at Calvary Baptist Church in Smyrna, GA.  He and Debbie served in the children’s church program there as well.  He also has led several Sunday School classes, served as a youth leader, and been elected chairman of the deacons for many years.  Before moving to Greenville, he led a Sunday School class for Spanish speakers at Lost Mountain Baptist Church in Powder Springs, GA.  Carl is looking forward to serving as a greeter at Rocky Creek.

        Karl Von Bokern and his wife Trudi moved to Greenville from Marietta GA in 2010.  They have two daughters, two sons-in-laws, five grandchildren and a grandchild on the way.

    They started attending Rocky Creek in 2010 shortly after moving to Greenville.  Karl has served Rocky Creek through several ministries including the pre-school ministry and the Greeters ministry.  Trudi has served in the Pre-school, Joyful Ornaments and Greeters ministry.

    Karl retired from the Army and currently works for Berrang Inc in Greer.  His spiritual gifts are acts of service and compassion.