Gospel Groups for the Fall


Gospel Groups for the Fall


Sunday, August 26, will be a big day in the life of Rocky Creek.  We start a new church year, we will have worship services in the gym, and we will have Gospel Groups for all ages at both 9:00am and 10:30am on Sundays.

Gospel Groups provide a place to study the Bible and build relationships with other believers. They are an integral part to discipleship and are a key component of ministry at Rocky Creek.  While services and groups are offered at both times, we don’t want you to flip flop between the two from week to week.  We want you to get plugged into a group where you can build community and then attend the worship service at the opposite time.  Or you can attend a worship service and then serve at the opposite time because you are attending a group at another time during the week.

Here is a list of Gospel Groups fall 2018.  Please note that some groups have changed times and room numbers.

If you are involved in a group currently please confirm with your leader that you will continue with the group.  If you are looking to be involved in a Gospel Group, Jeremy Johns can help you find one.