List of Things to Pray


List of Things to Pray


Prayer is an important aspect of discipleship and back in February, Travis posted this about prayer.   Dependence is one of the “6 Categories of Discipleship”, and prayer is a great way to stay dependent upon God.

For a while I have been keeping a prayer journal where I write down things to pray for.  Many of these items include people that are sick or people that need encouragement or upcoming events.  Most of these have an “ending”, or I have seen them answered in a certain way.  People have been healed or recovered from an illness.  Others have been helped by God in a trying time.  Events such as a worship service, mission trip, or Bible study have occurred.

However, the following items haven’t been marked off my list as having been answered.  I still need to pray about these and depend on God to develop them in me.  You may want to pray these for yourself as well.

  • have a passion, delight, and desire to read the Bible
  • seek justice because I have experienced God’s righteousness
  • power to share what God is doing in me
  • purse Jesus wholeheartedly
  • carry a big shield of faith (believe nothing is too hard for God)
  • seek to be blameless toward God
  • work hard, be diligent, and be intentional
  • fix eyes on the unseen and eternal, not the seen and temporary
  • help refresh the hearts of the saints
  • grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus
  • know God’s presence in His promises (promises reveal His person)

May God teach us to pray and depend on Him.