Bible Basics Class

    How do you know who God is?  How do you know what He is like?...
    September 14, 2018

    How do you know who God is?  How do you know what He is like?  How do you know how we should respond to Him?  How do you know the truth about other things in life?  The answers are contained in the Bible.

    On Sunday nights at 6:00pm in the Storehouse, Jeremy Smith will help you investigate questions such as, What is Man?  Who is Christ?  What is the atonement?  What is the resurrection?  What is death? What does it mean to become a Christian?

    This Bible Basics Class will give you valuable information on these topics and many more doctrines of the Bible.  The class is for anyone wanting to know more about what the Bible says.  Students, adults, families, leaders, and parents are invited to participate in this class.

    Here is the schedule for September 23 to November 11.

    1. What is Man? 9/23
    2. What is Sin? 9/30
    3. Who is Christ? 10/7
    4. What is the Atonement? 10/14
    We won’t meet on Sunday, October 21.
    5. What is the Resurrection? 10/28
    6. What is Election? 11/4 (and right before election day!)
    7. What Does it Mean to Become a Christian? 11/11

    For more info, please contact Jeremy Smith.  Please register for the class here.