Over and Beyond


Over and Beyond


On Sunday, September 30th, we are asking our church family to give a onetime Over and Beyond Offering for our Forward campus plan.

In order to keep the quality what we believe it should be in phases 1 & 3 of renovations, and to collect an initial commitment to phase 4, we are asking the church body to pray about giving a onetime Over and Beyond Offering on Sunday, Sept. 30th.

We would use this offering towards covering the costs for phase 1 & 3 equipment and preparing the way for phase 4.  Up to this point, we have been blessed by some gifts that have allowed us to make phases 1-3 a possibility without borrowing any money, and we have intentionally not begun an official fundraising campaign up to this point.  As a church family, we are asking you to consider what you could do to give Over and Beyond your normal offering to help us propel these opportunities forward.

You can give at any time towards the building fund, or you can just give Over and Beyond on Sunday, September 30th.  Please mark on your gift envelope or check that the money is for the “building fund” or “over and beyond”.  Also, whatever we collect over our general budget requirements on September 30 will go to financing these important phases of our Forward campus plan.  Please pray how you can be involved!