Malachi [Sermon Series Overview]

This Sunday, we begin our journey verse-by-verse through the Book of Malachi! Sometimes the spiritual...
October 8, 2019

This Sunday, we begin our journey verse-by-verse through the Book of Malachi!

Sometimes the spiritual apathy among God’s people is so tragic that He desires to close the doors to worship altogether.

Offering nothing would be better than offering leftovers. Join us as we study verse-by-verse through the Book of Malachi and hear how God responds to those who tragically give Him the bare minimum.

Here is the way will be broken down over the next 8 weeks:

  • 10.13 – Doubting God’s Love [Mal. 1:1-5] – We can often look at our unfortunate circumstances and question God’s love for us. The sheer fact that God chose to love us in the first place should alleviate any lingering doubts.
  • 10.20 – Withholding Our Best [Mal. 1:6-14] – We tend to give our best to individuals and institutions while unfortunately offering God our leftovers. God is too glorious to present meager offerings before Him.
  • 10.27 – Enabling Careless Leaders [Mal. 2:1-9] – What happens when those who are leading in worship actually lead others astray? If the religious leaders are careless, the followers will rarely surpass their example.
  • 11.3 – Abandoning Our Families [Mal. 2:10-16] – As people who have been loved by a covenant-keeping God, we ought to keep our covenants to one another in marriage. God hates divorce because of what it does and what it will continue to do.
  • 11.10 – Questioning God’s Timing [Mal. 2:17-3:5] – When God’s promises don’t turn out how we expect it or when we expect it, we tend to lose confidence in Him. We must remember that God’s promises will come to pass according to His plan alone.
  • 11.17 – Robbing God’s Resources [Mal. 3:6-12] – When we interpret God’s blessings as our accomplishments, we are prone to stinginess over generosity. The people of God are given the blessings of God to use for the purposes of God.
  • 11.24 – Devaluing Godly Devotion [Mal. 3:13-18] – When we aren’t rewarded for our religious efforts, we tend to think our devotion is in vain. Our obedience should not be used as a bargaining tactic to get what we want.
  • 12:1 – Awaiting God’s Arrival [Mal. 4:1-6] – When God arrives, everything changes in a moment. For the people of the world, His coming promises judgment, but for the people of the Word, His coming guarantees joy.