Understanding the Book of Malachi


Understanding the Book of Malachi


Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament.  The Jews have returned from exile to Jerusalem, and they have rebuilt the walls and the temple.  However, the Israelites have drifted away from God again, and Malachi asks a series of questions from the Lord to address the sins of the people – tithes ignored, Sabbath broken, priest corrupt, God not respected and feared.  These series of “disputes” have God asking a question, the people’s disagreemnent, and God’s response.

Although the people are unfaithful, God has remained faithful and will accomplish His purposes.  In the book of Malachi there are warnings for disobedience and reassurances for living according to God’s Word.

As you read through Malachi heed the warnings God issues and cling to the promises of His love and faithfulness.