What Will This Sunday Look Like?

    This Sunday, May 17, we will begin regathering in worship. We will have six smaller...
    May 14, 2020
    This Sunday, May 17, we will begin regathering in worship. We will have six smaller worship gatherings on campus that only fill 20% capacity of our worship spaces as an intermediate step. If you haven’t had a chance yet, look at our full regathering plans.

    A Quick Overview

    Key Details

    We’ve taken extra precautions to help your family feel comfortable with coming back to worship. You’ll see hand sanitizer stations set throughout the facility and our cleaning crew will thoroughly sanitize the building in between each service. We’ve also made the follow adjustments:

    Assigned worship services. Based on your Gospel Group, you have been assigned a worship service to attend. You can check the Gospel Group Schedule to find out what service you will go to. If you’re not connected with a group or are a guest, you will need to reserve a seat.

    Limited entrances and parking. Please park in the front parking lot near the sanctuary. The parking lot behind the building will be closed. Available entrances include: the front sanctuary, front chapel, and front Welcome Center doors.

    Doors will open 15 minutes before service. Please do not try to enter before then, as our cleaning crew will be sanitizing and cleaning.

    Adjusted seating. Our seating inside will reflect social distancing guidelines with every other row closed. We ask that you leave 2 open seats between your family and others.

    Sermon notes in the Rocky Creek App. We will not hand out bulletins. You’ll want to have the RC app downloaded to access Sunday’s notes.
    After the service. As you exit on Sunday, you can drop your offering in one of the locked boxes, or you can give online since we will not be passing the offering plate. We want to give our cleaning crew ample time to clean and sanitize before the next service. If you want to socialize, please do so outside in the parking lot. Try not to initiate any handshakes or hugs. Please be mindful of those who might not be ready to engage in any type of physical contact.
    Service available online. If you’re not ready to come back to worship, that is okay! We will stream the 9AM service live on Facebook, YouTube, the Rocky Creek app, and on our website. The service will be available immediately following the 9AM service if you are unable to watch live.